7 Pedicure Tips You Didn't Know

7 Pedicure Tips You Didn't Know

1. Buff feet when dry, not wet. To truly move dead skin. Utilize a solid foot record and keep tabs on the heels, bundles of feet and edges of toes.

2. Fill a vessel with warm water and include a restoring foot douse which helps reinforce and whiten nails. Douse feet for 10 minutes. When you can lay your involved a few marbles, pop them in the dish and roll your feet over and over again over them for a merry DIY rub!

3. Knead feet energetically with a foot clean to dispose of the last leftovers of dead skin, then wash.

4. Dry your feet and tenderly move your fingernail skin with a fingernail skin stick.

5. Cut your nails straight crosswise over with nail scissors. Make loads of little clips, instead of all as soon as possible, or you may break your nail.

6. Utilize a nail index to delicately adjust the edges of your toenails so they don't catch your tights.

7. Knead your feet with a rich foot cream.

Wow. I will try this..

Ruth George (10 posts) 

Good to know about these tips.

sahil (15 posts) 

1. Wax or Tweeze
There’s no shame in it, we all have toe hair but we’d definitely like to keep it a secret.


2. Non-Toxic Nail Polish Remover
Your abuela’s remover has harsh chemicals that dry out your skin and nails. Remove old nail polish with a non-toxic, acetone-free nail polish remover.


3. Brighten Up
Here’s an insider home pedicure secret: You can rub nails with a lemon wedge for about a minute each to remove those pesky stains left by old nail color.

. Soak
Taking time to care for your feet makes them look better, of course, and it also makes you feel pampered. Fill a basin or the tub with a few inches of warm water and add 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil, a capful of witch hazel, a half cup of Epsom salt and 3 drops peppermint oil. Soak your feet for five to ten minutes and you’ll feel refreshed while your tootsies will be left soft, smooth and smelling delicious.

5. Exfoliate
If you’re looking for something special, we like Barielle Rejuvenating Foot Treatment ($22) as an exfoliating cream. For a home pedicure with serious spa-quality exfoliation, you can try Baby Foot ($25). It’s a one hour treatment, and your feet will peel for three days after, so plan ahead for that big night out.

6. Remove Calluses
You can use a Ped Egg (as seen on TV) or a pumice stone to gently remove calluses.

7. Cuticles
Cutting cuticles is old school and can cause infection, instead use cuticle oil before gently pushing back your cuticles.

8. Shape & Buff
For a sophisticated look, file your nails straight across and don’t let them grow too long—think just beyond the tip of your toe. Then buff to make them smooth. Now they’re prepped for polish or you can leave them naturally shiny if you’re going bare.

9. Polish
When painting your nails, apply two coats of polish (with drying time in between) and finish with a top coat to make it last.

10. Sunscreen
This is a very important and often overlooked home pedicure tip! Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your feet too, they get lots of sun exposure during the summer.


11. Exercise
Another much overlooked pedicure tip is a relaxing foot workout to counteract the strain of carrying your weight all day. Flexible, toned feet look better and they encourage better posture and a confident stride. Take ten or fifteen minutes for a little foot yoga in the evening.

delnaaz (10 posts) 

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