Foods that can have a bad effect on your skin

Foods that can have a bad effect on your skin

There is a unique and positive relation between a healthydiet and a good skin. The nutrients that one gets from eating healthy food,prevents and fight a lot of skin problems like acne, eczema, pimples and wrinkles.Eating food rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins makes the skin radiant and healthyand a balanced diet nourishes the skin, hair, nails by preventing it frombecoming lifeless.

You don't want bad food to get into you!

Yes, contaminated food affects the overallbody functioning. It causes illness, infection and also leaves a bad taste inmouth. Even the dermatologist stops the patients from eating certain food whichcan worsen the skin conditions as the toxins from unhealthy food accumulateinside the body and manifest on skin as acne and pimples. Here is a list offoods that can have a bad effect on your skin:

Food Containing Saturated Fat: Cheese, butter and creamcontains saturated fat. Accumulation of fat causes blockage of pores on theskin. As the pores get blocked, acne starts appearing on the face.  Saturated fat also leads to premature aging ofskin.

Fried Foods: The function of fried food is same as that offatty food. However additionally the fried food contains toxins. It is easy toaccumulate the toxins in the body however removing them is a daunting task.Intake of fried and oily food is an open invitation to the skin disorders.

Sugar:  Sugar and saltboth are necessary for a proper body functioning. However excess of both isbad. Excess sugar impacts the body hormones. The processed sugar does noteasily break down in the body. Cake and chocolates contain more than requiredcalories which causes the accumulation of fat in the body. Fat in turnobstructs the skin elasticity.

Carbohydrates:   Theglycaemia index in carbohydrate food, most commonly the bread is high and itgives rise to multiple skin problems.

Alcohol and sweetened drinks: Consumption of liquor and softdrinks causes skin dryness. Additionally there is a risk of heart diseases,cancer and obesity which relate to over consumption of hard liquors.

Limit the intake of above listed foods and enjoy healthyskin.




zinat (14 posts) 

Dairy products..

Rohnit (15 posts) 

Fried food and fats, non organic foods, Meat.

nisha (15 posts) 

What are those foods.

narayani (12 posts) 

Burger, pizza, all oily food.

kelle (11 posts) 

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